Discover the exquisite range of wood types used in our Wooden Watches, Bracelets and Ring.

Samos Jewelry™ is proud to carefully select the finest natural wood from sustainable sources worldwide, ensuring each piece embodies unique colors, grain patterns, hardness levels, and beauty. Explore the diverse characteristics of our wood selection and experience the craftsmanship behind every creation.


Derived from the fruit-bearing olive tree, Olive Wood boasts remarkable strength and durability.

Samos Jewelry Olive Wood
Exhibiting a finely uniform texture and moderate natural luster, it emits a distinct, fruity aroma when being crafted. With hues spanning from light to deep brown, Olive Wood is distinguished by its oil-like grain pattern.

ORIGIN: Southern Europe
WEIGHT: 990 kg / m3 
HARDNESS:12010 N (Janka scale)


Sandalwood, found across various regions globally, comprises several species, each exhibiting distinct colors.

samos jewelry red sandalwood

Renowned for its exquisite and singular aroma, red sandalwood is frequently utilized in furniture. Our Wooden Bracelets and Watch feature two varieties of sandalwood, each possessing its own distinct color and texture. 

ORIGIN: South America & East Africa
WEIGHT: 930 kg / m3 
HARDNESS: 7450 N (Janka scale)


Walnut wood exhibits a versatile range of hues, ranging from light to dark brown, often interspersed with tones of grey and red.

Samos Jewelry Walnut Wood
Its distinctive structure is defined by straight lines, frequently interspersed with curls, rings, and corners. Additionally, darker strips are a common occurrence throughout the wood.

ORIGIN: North America
WEIGHT: 640 kg / m3 
HARDNESS: 5430 N (Janka scale)