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Congratulations and thank you :) You are now part of the SAMOS adventure! 

1) You'll directly receive a confirmation E-mail (make sure to check your junk inbox)

2) Then, you will get your shipping confirmation / tracking number within 24 to 48 hours.

ā†  Enjoy a real time tracking + 24/7 assistance at :)

ā†  From 6 to 12 working days from the day of shipment.

Delivery times may vary depending on the country and your local delivery system.
More details on this page.

All of our orders are shipped in an eco-conscious packaging including one or multiple natural fabric pouch (with your bracelets inside), a pack of adventurer's stickers and a thank you card :)

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Our rope bracelets are made using "Milan Rope". A natural fibre rope which has been in use for centuries in a huge range of applications, owing to its durability, flexibility, strength and resistance to water damage. *The mention "milan" does not refer to the origin of the rope.

All our bracelets are linked by Stainless Steel. A corrosion-resistant metals infinitely recyclable making it the “green material” par excellence.

ā†  Yes, all our bracelets are 100% waterproof. šŸ’§

They are made from Stainless Steel and Milan / Keel Rope. Solid materials designed to withstand any adventure whether in or out of the water.

*We recommend you to put your bracelets in fresh water if you get out of salt water as an extra-precaution.


ā†  No worries! Simply send us an email at

Make sure to indicate your order number and to explain the problem precisely (add pictures or videos if needed)

We'll be happy to assist you 24 / 7 :)


ā†  No worries! Simply contact us within 24 hours at

Make sure to indicate your order number and the changements needed. (Size, colors, product changement,etc.)

We suggest trying the following actions if you encounter an issue while making a payment:

  • Use a different device or browser.
  • Attempt to use an alternative card or reach out to your bank for assistance.
  • Try another payment method like Paypal, Apple Pay
  • Verify that your card is authorized for international payments.

Made your Samos purchase, and as the payment was loading you realised you hadn’t added your discount? Never fear, that opportunity hasn’t slipped away! Simply email our lovely Samos team at and they will be happy to assist you!

*Please note: Only one discount code can be used per order.


Have a special someone who you think needs SAMOS bracelets in their life ;) ? Our bracelets are the perfect gift! 

You can ship a bracelet directly to that lucky lad by entering their address as the shipping address, and your own as the billing address. All package come in a nice eco-conscious packaging that contains gift pouch bag (with the bracelets inside), free adventurer's stickers pack and one nice thank you card šŸŽ 

We don't include any invoices inside the package as any receipts are sent directly to your own email address. It’s that easy! 

Samos Jewelry Reviews

We want to emphasize that the protection of your privacy and security is our highest priority. To ensure the safety of both customers and merchants, we use Shopify Payments, a very secure and robustly encrypted system.

You can also opt for a paypal payment which is also extremely secure and used by millions of people every day.

Our bracelets are actually unisex and can be worn by anyone. They are designed to be stylish and versatile, making them a great accessory for both men and women.

The size you receive will be exactly what you ordered. 

šŸ“Œ We advise you to choose the size above in order to have a better hold and be more comfortable.

Samos Wrist Size Guide

ā†  Example: Your wrist size is 17cm / 6.7" ? 

We advise you to take a bracelet of a size above and not lower or equal.

*Choosing 16cm / 6.3" (shorter) or 17cm / 6.7" (equal) would fit your wrist but would be quite tight.

All custom duties / extra fees are covered by ourself. Don't worry, you won't have to spend a penny after placing your order. šŸ˜Š